Changing Your Paradigms Will Change Your Life

In this article, I’m going to share with you what my mentor Bob Proctor thought me about this amazing concept of how the mind actually works, he told me that if I commit to "Changing My Paradigms I Will Change My Life"

So I wanted to share this with you in hopes that you can too change your life by changing your paradigms.

What is A Paradigm?

A Paradigm Is A multitude of habits that have been downloaded into your subconscious mind affecting your behavior.

If you want to improve the quality of your life A Paradigm must be shifted.

In order to understand this better, here is an example of this concept: Your conscious mind is the part of your personality that gathers information (this is the knowing part) However, it is the sub-conscious mind that causes the action (this is the doing) And the paradigm (the programming in the subconscious) is what controls your habitual behavior.

If I don't make a paradigm shift, I am what I'll ever be.

Check out this video where Bob explains how to change your paradigm.

Changing just a small part of the old paradigm can make an enormous difference in the results you enjoy in every area of your life.

But, make no mistake. You cannot change your life permanently until you change your paradigm.

Bob Proctor.

Paradigm Diagram

No more effort is required to aim high in life and to demand abundance and prosperity than is required to accept misery and poverty, and the difference between these two lies is your level of awareness.

The thought you chose to focus on will eventually determine the results in your life. All your pain, pleasure or limitations are either originated in your conscious mind or accepted from an outside source or things you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

When you accept a thought, it is impressed upon the subconscious mind. Your mind is the larger part of your personality, your body is just an instrument of it and your actions will determine your results.

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