Changing Your Paradigms Will Change Your Life

In this article, I’m going to share with you what my mentor Bob Proctor thought me about this amazing concept of how the mind actually works, he told me that if I commit to "Changing My Paradigms I Will Change My Life"

So I wanted to share this with you in hopes that you can too change your life by changing your paradigms.

What is A Paradigm?

A Paradigm Is A multitude of habits that have been downloaded into your subconscious mind affecting your behavior.

If you want to improve the quality of your life A Paradigm must be shifted.

In order to understand this better, here is an example of this concept: Your conscious mind is the part of your personality that gathers information (this is the knowing part) However, it is the sub-conscious mind that causes the action (this is the doing) And the paradigm (the programming in the subconscious) is what controls your habitual behavior.

If I don't make a paradigm shift, I am what I'll ever be.

Check out this video where Bob explains how to change your paradigm.

Changing just a small part of the old paradigm can make an enormous difference in the results you enjoy in every area of your life.

But, make no mistake. You cannot change your life permanently until you change your paradigm.

Bob Proctor.

Paradigm Diagram

No more effort is required to aim high in life and to demand abundance and prosperity than is required to accept misery and poverty, and the difference between these two lies is your level of awareness.

The thought you chose to focus on will eventually determine the results in your life. All your pain, pleasure or limitations are either originated in your conscious mind or accepted from an outside source or things you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

When you accept a thought, it is impressed upon the subconscious mind. Your mind is the larger part of your personality, your body is just an instrument of it and your actions will determine your results.

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7 Ultimate And Actually Free Tools For Building A Successful Blog

tools to build a blog

Here is what I'm going to be sharing with you…

My 7 Ultimate And Actually Free Tools For Building A Successful Blog.

These tools are essential for my blogging and I thought you could use them as well. When I first got started, I had no idea what blogging was so I started searching online for a way to learn this platform and I found these tools that makes my life so much easier that without them it would totally take me twice the time it takes me now.

Did you know that back in the day we used typewriters to type letters and yes the term blogger was not even a word? Writers would take their portable typewriters to type their stories, books, and letters and you were required to attend an academy to take typing lessons and learn how to type.

Nowadays we are lucky enough that technology has advanced so much that pretty much almost everything is automated or we have tools that assist us to make things easier for us.

Most People have the wrong idea almost a fear-like towards computers when computers were first introduced back in the late 70’s early 80’s and not everyone could own one. They had very limited memory and some with no hard disk space we would have to use floppy disks to save the data. Imagine that!

Now, you can be a writer or a blogger and start your own business online using a portable computer or a smartphone and you can basically take your business literally anywhere and work from the comfort of your own home or the beach if you like.

Why Blogging You May Ask?

Well, it is the easiest thing to do and so affordable with literally no overheads at all. Now, how is that for a startup business?

I am here to share with you 7 of my most can’t live without tools that I use on a daily basis and I can use these for FREE! You are able to upgrade and get more goodies but you can stay with basic service and make killer blogs from these tools.

You can try them anytime sign up and see how you like them and please, be adventures and explore with others and make them part of your own arsenal.

So relax take a seat, be ready to take notes and start blogging along with me using these amazing tools as I take you with me on this discovery journey of these amazing tools and how they can make your life so much easier when writing your blogs.

These Are The 7 Tools You Will Learn About Today.
* Buffer
* Grammary
* Snappa
* Pocket
* GetResponse
* Bitly
* ColorZilla


Is a powerful tool for the web and mobile, designed to manage your social media accounts, by providing you the means over your posting schedule. It gives you total control on your posts without having to post them separately to Twitter, Facebook, pinterest, google+, Linkedin and instagram.

To get started all you need to do is sign up for a free account at so you can start adding your social profiles you would like to us, I would start with one and get familiar with this amazing tool and as you get acquainted with it, you can take it a step further and pay for the service and add more accounts as you see fit. You can’t go wrong with this.

Click Here to Learn More About Buffer


Grammarly Is an AI-Powered tool that makes your writing made easy. This is a paid service but you can do amazing things in Free mode. It is very easy and friendly to use, it works on or offline on any word processing application or on any website where a text is used, it spells checks as you type giving you options of the correct words you should use, once installed you can use it on your blog, social media or any place.

I depend on this tool for my writing needs because 90% of the time I have to check and correct my spelling and my grammar, it will give you the choices based on your sentences and also provides synonym suggestions to make your writing more readable and precise.

If you want error-free text on your blogs this is a must tool to get!


Click Here To Try Grammarly For Free!


When it comes to pictures or images, you must have at least 2 or 3 pictures on your blogs. You have to remember that our brains act better when we see pictures. You have probably heard the adage: “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words” well, it is 100% true especially when it comes to Blogging.

Beware, though, you can’t just pick a picture from the web and use it on your blogs there is what is call Copy Right images and you can be penalized a lot of money if you get caught using someone else’s work especially if you are making money from your blogs.
There is what is called Creative Commons and I think it would be wise to familiarize with this practice that allows the common use of the images online.

Or use can use Snappa now I am or at least, I used to do graphic design and I find this tool very useful and very user-friendly, they have incorporated free CC stunning high-resolution images and templates that you can use for free without worrying about someone coming after you for money.

Christopher Gimmer and his team have made an amazing work getting this tool accessible for anyone to use, it totally takes the guess out of graphic design. You can read his blogs Here!
It is truly the easiest graphic design tool you’ll ever use. You can use the Free version or you can upgrade and your possibilities will be limitless. Already optimized for social media and ad networks.

Click Here to start using Snappa


Now, when it comes to reading, you can grab a book, a magazine or search online for blogs and read their content they provide for your education. I am in the make money online market and I am always looking for content online so I can learn more about this amazing industry.

Needless to say, there are millions and millions of blogs full of content about this industry and other industries as well and I find it really hard to store these blogs on my favorites using my browser because it’s really hard to go back and to browse through all of them trying to find the one I need to read.
Thank God someone thought about this.

Meet Pocket, it is an application that provides the service for managing lists of articles or blogs online.

I use Chrome as my browser of preference and I installed this extension so I am able to save and store my blogs and articles in categories so I can access them at a later time when is more convenient for me.

They even have a smart phone app for that!! My articles are synced with my phone and they now have an option where the app reads the articles for me while I am driving or in my down time so I can literally read/listen 5 or 6 articles in less than an hour. Pretty awesome tool if you ask me.

Click Here to Learn More About Pocket


When it come to email marketing GetResponse is the world’s easiest email marketing platform, now available in 21 different languages. The company operates globally with offices in Poland, the US, Canada, Malaysia, India, and Russia.

GR is a complete suite of simple-yet-powerful solutions, scaled and customized for small and large companies. Their tools are designed for organizations that want to implement effective, high-impact campaigns that drive marketing ROI (Return On Investment)

They offer an email marketing and online campaign management platform that helps entrepreneurs like us to build targeted subscriber lists and send high-impact newsletters, video emails, and follow-up campaigns. They offer marketing automation as well as, responsive email design, and hundreds of ready-to-use email templates, their landing page creator is amazing, and provide useful statistical analysis tools to track your work.

You can try it Free for 30 days! Click Here to Sign-Up Now.


Is a URL shortener and link management platform that offers a unique service that shortens long URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) and redirects them to your site.
What I really like about this Free service is that you can also track your links so you can see how much visits your site has. You can also pay for this service but for beginners, the free service will do.

For example, the URL of this blog is:

it contains 92 characters with the use of Bitly’s service you can shorten it to only 14 characters and it would like this:

Click Here to Learn More About Bitly


An Advanced Colorful Goodies.

It is an extension that helps web developers and graphic designers with both basic and advanced color related tasks.

This amazing extension allows you to get a color reading from any point on an image in any browser where you can adjust the color, copy the color number and paste it into another application.

ColorZilla includes a Color Picker, Eye Dropper, Gradient Generator and many additional advanced color tools.

Click Here to Learn More About ColorZilla

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